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Low FODMAP breakfast for CHAMPIONS ;)

Goodmorning! I think it's about time i start sharing some of my Low FODMAP recipes that i have discovered or invented. When someone starts a low FODMAP diet it can be quite frustrating to adapt in the new routines. I was feeling mostly that i will not be able to eat my favorite foods again.… Continue reading Low FODMAP breakfast for CHAMPIONS 😉

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FODMAP Dieting: Miracle Worker?

Hello Internet world! I will continue talking about IBS of course! Specifically, i want to talk about FODMAD dieting from my point of view and not in a scientific way...I am not a scientist..Well i am but in another field, not health (trying desperately to be funny). Soooooo, what is FODMAP? Well if you google… Continue reading FODMAP Dieting: Miracle Worker?